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For awhile I was mainly working expressionistically and abstractly. I frequently had faces showing up in these.

This painting is called Family. The adults faces are facing each other with many pairs of faces appearing in the background. This painting was in a juried exhibition at the Pumphouse Gallery, Niagara-on-the-Lake and won an award.

Later it was on display in a curated exhibition at the Homer Watson House and Gallery, Kitchener, with its companion piece Whose House: Mine, Yours or Theirs. This is a mixed media piece and can be arranged differently.

Whose House: Mine, Yours or Theirs

I did life drawing many years ago. Following are some samples of these drawings

Clothed Twist
Pensive Gaze

Recently I decided to find out if I could paint images of people. However it did take me some time to get back to drawing properly. My first sketch had the nose of my lady chef too long. And when I started to paint the same image I found I wasn’t consistent with the skin tones. Practice is as important in visual art as it is in music.

I’m still figuring how realistic I want to be with this painting. Perhaps capturing the movement and the intense concentration is all that I need. The final painting of my lady chef decorating a cake should appear in the next month or so.

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