The feeling, quality of light, colour, mood, the essence and the underlying qualities are some of the things I observe and want to depict in my paintings. Sometimes one element seems to dictate how the painting should be resolved and what media I should use. I sometimes like to figure out what the underlining elements are, the things that lie beneath the surface. Usually these paintings fit into the category of ‘off the wall’.

Mostly  I use pastels for realistic depictions of the subject and acrylics for a more expressionistic off- the-wall interpretation.

After a weekend with like-minded artists I was invigorated and inspired. The paintings that a contained the colour yellow attracted and inspired me. Now my next series of paintings will be done using the colour yellow

I do portraits of pets, houses, cottages and memory paintings. Pets, houses and cottages will usually be done in pastel and the memory paintings in acrylics. Please supply several good photos from a variety of angles.

When I do memory paintings, I usually incorporate photos and other important elements from people’s lives. For example, in Waterloo County Wedding, I’ve incorporated a photo of the bride and groom. The photo gives the time and one aspect of the groom. I’ve included an outline of Waterloo County in the background, as well as an image of a covered bridge to give a connection to the family’s history and three sheaves of wheat to represent their three children. In a smaller version, I’ve omitted the facial features of the couple to make the painting more universal.

After a successful water exhibition at the Wellington Art Gallery (in July 2015 and the Purvis Gallery, Pembroke, May 2016 I’m preparing for my next exhibition at the Button Factory, Waterloo in 2018. In the interim I’ve been in a variety of juried exhibitions.

Over the years I’ve exhibited in many juried exhibitions and have had a many other one-woman exhibitions, I have won numerous awards including several Best in Show, honourable mentions and juror’s choice awards. My paintings can be found in collections in Canada, the United States and Great Britain.